 Vendredi 11 OCTOBRE 2019 : ARRIVAL

– Free arrival to the lac de Vassivière
– SAVAGER’S headquarter : « Bistro du Lac »
– Contact : Cédric : – 02 47 46 31 78
– Pré-fishing allowed all the day
– Briefing : 17 h 00

 Samedi 12 OCTOBRE 2019 : ROUND I

– 06 h 30 briefing (TAGS / measuring boards)
– 07 h 00 : start of round 1
– 15h00 : end of round 1
– 18h30 : drink time
– 20 h 00 : Dinner (included in the registration)

 Dimanche 13 OCTOBRE 2019 ROUND II

– 06 h 30 briefing (TAGS / measuring boards)
– 07 h 00 : start of round 2
– 15h00 : end of round 2
– 17 h 00 : prices award


                         PK challenge VASSIVIERE 2019 rules

Reception and event will take place in MASGRANGEAS , « Bistrot du lac », 23460 ROYERE-DE-VASSIVIERE

(contact for accommodation : 05 87 54 00 24)

This friendly event is running by the company SAVAGER’S ;
This is an individual kayak fishing event.
Every competitors need the fishing licence, stamp Club Halieutique needed if you choose an other department than the department were is the event running (CREUSE).

You can buy the fishing licence online :
Choose area : ROYERE-DE-VASSIVIERE (23460)

The event will be run following the present rules, all the competitors have to follow them.


Registration will be send to , or by phone : +33 6 24 47 48 07

Registration will start the 1st of August, and closed end of September.
Number of competitors is limited.

Entry fee :

The entry fee is 60€ per competitor.
Included dinner of Saturday, and lunch bag for each day of the event.
Payment need to be done by bank transfer. Bank informations need to be asked to

Registration will be official when received :

  • –  payment
  • –  copy of fishing licence
  • –  registration paper fill in
  • –  copy of personal insurance

    Fishing tecniques

    Pré-fishing on le lac de Vassivière is allowed on the Friday 27.

    In fishing action, each fisherman can use only one rod and a reel. However, competitors can have the number of rod they want on their kayak.

Only fishing with ARTIFICIAL LURES is allowed. It is therefore forbidden to use live or dead natural bait. Fly fishing is prohibited in all its forms.

Fishing will be done in NO-KILL.
Fishing by walking in the water or from the bank is prohibited.
It is allowed to use a net to keep the fish.
Anchoring systems are prohibited.
The fishing takes place freely on the defined sector, namely the whole lake, but respecting a distance of 10 meters minimum between the competitors in fishing action.

A reminder of navigation restrictions, related to safety and navigation issues, will be made during briefing.

Competitors must not exchange equipment or anything else.

Failure to comply with the rules described above will result in the disqualification of the competitor who is at fault. In the event of a technical incident or accident, the competitor in question must inform the organization as soon as possible.

Boats and equipment:

  • Electric motors not allowed.
  • Fishfinder are allowed
  • Lifejacket have to be wear all the time by all the competitors.
  • All boats must be up to standard, in good standing, and participants must have personnal insurance. Each participant must be in possession of a mobile phone or whistle to alert the security boat to warn of a damage or others.
  • The catch will be released immediately after the measurement on the measuring board provided. The distributed TAG should be affixed to the fish and visible in the photo. A demonstration will be carried out during the briefing. The photos taken must be clear. From the return to the podium at the end time of the round, it is mandatory to return the TAG to validate the return, you will then have form “Taken” to fill. The photos taken will be provided on SD cards (camera) or email (phone) by specifying the number of the photo.

An example will be shown during the briefing.The organization reserves the right not to validate a decision if the photo is not explicit or doubtful.

Accounting of catches :

Species target: zander, perch, pike
ZANDER: 50 cm  (end of the mouth closed at the end of the extended tail).

PERCH: 20 cm (end of the mouth closed at the end of the extended tail).

PIKE : 60 cm (end of the mouth closed at the end of the extended tail).

Fishing bag :  2 fish by species.

Ranking is made in descending order of points obtained, the fisherman having obtained the most points is declared winner.
A general classification will reward the winners.


Copy and paste, and send it to




                            Kayak lure fishing event

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